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Don't just be a business owner, be seen as an expert.

And more advice from Heather DeSantis, President & CEO of Publicity For Good, the only millennial-led, female-influenced public relations firm focused on supporting purpose-driven food and beverage companies. Instead of using public relations to push products or brands on people, they spotlight their clients’ bigger purpose: their socially conscious activities, consumer education and their giving back. The result is more impactful press and bigger growth for their businesses.

1. Don't just be a business owner, be seen as an expert.

It's really important to think beyond the product you sell and really understand the solution that you provide. Transition from being a business owner and someone selling a product to a thought leader, someone in the trenches sharing information. Any interview you do, you have to make sure that the reader feels that they're gaining value or they could take action.

2. Make a social plan and stick to it.

You need a consistent plan to share on Twitter and Facebook. People get so stuck in not wanting to be annoying, but with the algorithm, even if you post it, it doesn't necessarily mean that people are going to see it. With Twitter, you can share daily. Facebook share weekly. You can add press coverage to your website as a blog as well.

3. Don't rely on one social media platform, have a multi-platform approach.

Before our clients do TV interviews, we'll have them pre-promote it. When they are at the station, they will do a Facebook Live. They'll take photos. Do as many touches as possible to get people excited to take them on the journey.

4. Stay on top of the news.

Business owners can be so focused on their inner-workings that they are doing themselves a disservice by not getting up to date with industry news. Those things are how we've been able to really get timely pieces for our clients in the press. Simply by watching the news you can use that as leverage and reaching out to the media and saying, "I'm an expert and I would love to give you my raw, honest, opinion about this." By using breaking news and trending topics and awareness months, you make yourself timely and relevant."

5. Don't do a PR push too early.

If you're still developing your business, site, or operations, you should not do a PR push. A successful campaign could lead to a lot of customers. If you can't fulfill your orders or manage the influx of users, you could lose them.

You need to set out exactly your goals and expectations from a PR service and be clear on how to maximize the coverage when you get it. In addition, If you're not 100% confident that you can answer all the questions about your business and manage the vulnerabilities and the messaging, you are not ready for PR.

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