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The Museum of Failure

A museum about my favorite/most unfavorite topic. The Museum of Failure is a collection of failed products from the United States and worldwide. They have exhibited everywhere from Sweden to Shanghai. Most products and startups fail, unfortunately, and the museum showcases these failures to provide "a fascinating learning experience." Every item gives a unique insight into the risky business of innovation. The goal of this kitschy museum is to stimulate productive discussion about failure and consider the possibility of risk. The museum is the brainchild of Dr. Samuel West, a licensed psychologist, with a PhD in Organizational Psychology.

The Museum is open until May 14, 2023 and is located at Industry City. More information here.

What?? This was real? Dental care brand Colgate made a brief push into foods, introducing a frozen lasagna TV dinner in the 1980s. If only just an April Fools Joke...

In 2003, Hooters launched an airline. In addition to pilots and flight attendants, Hooters Air also featured a couple of the restaurant's signature scantily-clad waitresses who provided the in-flight entertainment. But, three years later, the airline hit turbulence due to growing competition and rising fuel prices. It ultimately failed, losing more than $40 million in the process.

Failed Oreo flavors. Peeps, Swedish Fish??

Google Glass were glasses with a built-in camera, voice controls, and internet. Early adopters paid $1,500 to be among the first to try them out. But soon after launch, concerns grew around privacy, and safety experts worried about distracted drivers. Then there was a series of reported attacks on 'Glassholes' (Google-glass wearers) on the streets of San Francisco and New York. Complaints about a lack of useful applications, short battery, and software bugs led to its demise. Plus, there was endless mocking on The Simpsons, which added to the fray.


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